The mission of Seaside Crypto is to:

Provide a venue and physical help desk for Bitcoin enthusiasts,

Educate the general public on the proper and safe use of Bitcoin, and

Support individuals and businesses as they integrate Bitcoin.

Visit at 1919 South Roosevelt Drive, Seaside, Oregon 97138 to learn more!

Open whenever I feel like coming in, usually mornings till a little after lunch, but give me a ring before hand to be sure.

Seaside Crypto isn’t a business, think of it more like a community helpdesk or a free hackerspace. Anyone who needs assistance understanding and using Bitcoin (or building cool projects!) is welcome to visit. There is no charge, I simply want to help more people use Bitcoin. You are also welcome to to use any information you find on this website as you please. I do not claim any copyright, and I try my best to link to the sources.

– – –

I opened on August 1st, 2017 to celebrate the lock-in of Segregated Witness. On that day, you could buy an entire Bitcoin for ~$2,700.00